Excisional Surgery – Skin Growths and Lesion Removal

Skin growths can often be benign, but cause aesthetic concerns and even result in pain and other functional issues. If the growth is malignant, timely removal is critical for the patient’s health. Excisional surgery is a safe, proven and effective way to get rid of an unwanted skin growth, which could be a cancerous lesion or simply a benign growth.

Dr. Jamie McGinness is a board certified dermatologist and a fellowship trained surgeon in Mohs Micrographic surgery. The judicious Dr. McGinness specializes in advanced surgical treatment of skin cancer using the Mohs technique. During the initial consultation, he will closely examine the condition of the skin growth or irregularity, assess the patient’s medical history, and recommend a customized treatment plan.


Types of Excisional Surgery

An individual may consider having a skin growth or lesion removed, depending on the nature of the growth as well as its location. If the growth is causing aesthetic distress, it is still a valid reason to have it removed. In most cases, abnormal skin growths and lesions can be excised with the patient under local anesthesia. The procedure can be safely performed during an out-patient appointment.


Shave Removal

If the patient has a raised growth, such as raised moles, the surgeon may recommend this surgical technique. A local anesthetic will be applied by injecting under the growth to minimize any discomfort. The surgeon will then remove the growth using a very sharp razor along the skin surface. The cut is minor and will not require sutures. Minor redness or scarring may occur at the surgical site.


Snip Excision

In case of raised lesions such as skin tags, the surgeon may recommend the scissor excision or snip excision technique. Following a local anesthetic injection, the surgeon will firmly secure the growth with a pair of forceps, and gently pull it away from the body. They will use a small set of curved scissors to lightly snip away the growth, cutting both under and around the area. The procedure will not require any sutures and scarring is likely to be minimal.


Full Excision

If the growth has penetrated into the deep dermis levels or the tumor has a malignancy, the surgeon may recommend a full excision procedure. The procedure will usually involve only local anesthesia. The surgeon will create an elliptical incision around the lesion, penetrating the fatty tissue under the growth to excise it completely.

The surgeon will typically take a margin of healthy tissue from around the growth’s edges. Pathological analysis of this tissue will be performed later to determine if all the abnormal cells have been taken out. Recovery in case of a full excision can vary from one patient to another depending on the size and location of the lesion being excised.

When melanoma is fully excised in its pre-metastatic stages, it is usually an effective way to eliminate the malignant cells. The procedure should only be performed a fully trained and experienced dermatologist and surgeon. Fantastic, dedicated, and board certified dermatologist Dr. McGinness receives patients from Shiloh, I and St. Louis, MO, and other cities and towns in this part of America for various skin treatments.

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